Submittals: Clinician guide

Submittals introduces a method for processing leave and extra data in CLWRota and Medirota for the purpose of transposing records onto external systems, such as the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR), and replacing paper extra claim forms. Leave submittals can be processed by rota administrators, but extra submittals (processing payment information for delivered extra work) require the involvement of clinicians.

This guide explains how you can claim for extra payments and validate others' claims where appropriate.

Extra submittals quickstart guide

A full guide to the submittals feature for rota masters and administrators is available here.

If you would like further assistance in using the feature or advise in its future development, please contact the Rotamap support team at or on 020 7631 1555.

For queries relating to the processes or validation groups used by your department, please contact your rota administrator.

Submittals in CLWRota

View pending submittals

Once the Submittals feature has been enabled by your department you will see a new Submittals tab at the top-right of the screen when logging in via a browser. Hover over it and select the Extras option. This will take you to a page listing all recent extra sessions you have been assigned to on the rota where a claim has not yet been made.

Pending extra submittals


To add supporting information against any of these sessions, click the 'Enrich' button to its right. This will bring up a popup form that is designed to replicate a paper extra claim form. Enter the details about the work done (who was covered, number of hours, etc.), select the appropriate payment rate and check that the resultant figures are correct. You can change these figures if required, but you must add a note to explain why this claim differs from the default rate.

Once you are happy with the details in the form, tick the 'Enrichment complete' checkbox and save.

Pending extra submittals

Once you have enriched a submittal, its status in the queue will change to enriched.

Enriched submittal


After you have enriched a submittal, you must then validate it to indicate that you consider the information it contains to be correct. To do this, simply click the 'Validate' button to the right of the submittal.

This will not necessarily move the submittal directly to the validated stage. This is because other users may also need to check and validate, according to the department rules. The submittals table will show the groups and people who have already validated, and those whose approval is still required.

Awaiting validation from others

By default only your own work will appear on the page. However, if you are part of an authorised validation group, you may also review and validate others' enriched extra submittals from this page.

Validate other users' submittals

Once a person from each validation group has checked and approved a submittal, it will move to the validated state. Submittal fully validated

Further steps

Rota administrators may submit groups of validated submittals for further processing and/or payment. This will move the item to the submitted state and remove it from the default view of the queue. However, you can still view them by changing the 'State' filter to include 'Submitted'.

Item submitted

Future iterations of this feature will include states to indicate if a payment has been fully approved and paid.

Submittals in Medirota

The Submittals feature has not yet been released for Medirota.