Surgery-wide Doctor Rostering (SDR) combines CLWRota and Medirota services for doctors in all surgery-related specialities. Surgery-wide Doctor Rostering enhances communication and collaboration between departments and provides metrics to guide improvement in areas such as consultant productivity and theatre utilisation.

Surgery-wide Doctor Rostering includes the primary web applications, mobile apps, sms and email alerts, "bid" internal bank functions, data feeds and analytical tools and reports as part of its component services.

For more information about SDR please email or call 020 7631 1555.

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As well as helping individual departments improve communication, our services connect collaborating departments together. Our mapping facility enables live rota information to be shared between teams to enable more efficient use of shared resources and spaces. For example, if your trust uses CLWRota for Anaesthetics and Medirota for Orthopaedics, the anaesthetist will be provided with the names of the surgical team they will be working with and vice versa.


With a number of departments within the trust using our services, we can create various overviews of areas of activity such as oncalls, theatres, clinics and wards. The overview helps provide the Trust with as much information as possible in advance, allowing for better planning and ultimately allowing resources to be used more effectively to ensure maximum utilisation.

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We provide intra-department analysis to help users discern trends in their activity, helping improve staff morale and the service that is delivered.

Our anonymised inter-departmental benchmarks help departments compare key areas of their service delivery such as solo sessions and extra usage in relation to other, similar departments also using our services.

Application Programming Interface

Our PublicAPI is currently being used by a number of Trusts to extract departmental data from CLWRota or Medirota in XML format. This is used for applications such as data warehousing and linking with other service providers.

Software as a Service

Our single annual licence fee is inclusive of all areas of system usage. Implementation, ongoing support, feature developments, data feed and messaging services, attendance at events, data and reports are all provided at no additional cost.

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Support is included as part of our services, and we work in partnership with clinicians, managers and administrators to get departments up and running.

Support is provided by telephone, email, screen sharing and site visits. Our involvement spans initial deployment through to ongoing support and training to cover new features and introduce new members of staff.


SDR requires the organisation to declare the number of doctors working in surgery-related departments, on a regular basis.

The SDR pricing base rate uses the per-user per-annum rate for the applicable CLWRota and Medirota services used. Pricing is based on the number of users and the base price less the applicable discount percentage, subject also to minimum and maximum per-annum expenditure limits.

Discounts for SDR are extended to any additional deployments of the services outside of surgery, although only surgery-related departments are included in the maximum limit calculation.


£25,000 p.a.
£100,000 p.a.

Rotamap's services can be procured with a direct agreement using the NHS Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services (January 2018).