Rotamap's services are provided on a Software as a Service model and can be procured with a direct agreement using the NHS Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services (December 2016), or from the Digital Marketplace through G­Cloud 9.

Pricing incorporates all elements of the respective service, including:

  • Access to the software
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing user and technical support
  • New features and upgrades
  • Mobile apps
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Data, reports and benchmarking
  • Attendance at our twice yearly events
services figures


Charging rate per user by category per annum:

Category Rate
Rostered staff £225.00


Charging rate per user by category per annum:

Category Rate
Rostered staff £175.00

Trustwide Doctor Rostering

Trustwide Doctor Rostering is available to Trusts that procure Rotamap services for two or more departments in the Trust.

Banding License Fee
(CLWRota fee × 3) < £45,000 £45,000
£45,000 < (CLWRota fee × 3) < £90,000 CLWRota fee × 3
(CLWRota fee × 3) > £90,000 £90,000
  • Charges are based on the number of Rostered Staff who will be managed in the relevant Rotamap system or systems.
  • Trustwide Doctor Rostering is charged at the per-user per-annum rate stated above for the applicable CLWRota and Medirota services used by each department. Per-annum charges for Trustwide Doctor Rostering will be capped at three times the existing or projected (£225.00 per standard user) CLWRota anaesthetic department fee, between a minimum of £45,000 and a maximum of £90,000 per annum, per Trust. No other discounts will apply to the capped rate calculation.


To discuss pricing please call the office on 020 7631 1555 or email