Integrated clinical service rota management solutions for
NHS departments, directorates and Trusts


Rotamap's CLWRota and Medirota web based services help clinical groups improve coordination and communication. Our services are used at more than 95 NHS hospital trusts in the UK and have a growing international client base.

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Our services help departments and directorates plan, operate and report on their activity to better deliver and model their service. Mapping rota information between departments aids working across teams.


CLWRota is the UK’s leading anaesthetic rostering system, used to manage over half of NHS anaesthetists. CLWRota provides secure online access to allow departments plan, adjust and report on anaesthetic activity.

The CLWRota service is provided with support included, API data access facilities, an integrated leave book, automated messaging functions and smartphone applications to keep staff informed of changes.

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Medirota is an online rostering tool for clinical and surgical teams with a unique, demand-based view of staffing requirements which highlights resourcing shortfalls or overruns on a per-session basis. Medirota can be used effectively for large teams with a mix of staff roles.

Medirota allows departments to plan, adjust and report on sessional activity, and incorporates oncall and leave facilities to create a comprehensive environment for managing clinical services.

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