Rotamap's COVID-19 rotas for public hospitals

This video gives an overview of our services to help you assess if they will be useful for your department or team.

Until 31 May 2020, we are offering new instances of our rota management services CLWRota and Medirota free of charge to public hospitals, to help teams manage their clinician activity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

More than 20 departments have implemented our services in the last two weeks. We've heard encouraging stories of how they're helping teams to coordinate their service during this challeng time, such as:

"It's been an absolute Godsend. I have multiple staff off sick or isolating and have been able to move people around at short notice knowing that they will be informed instantly. We have created new activities to completely reorganise how we cover and are miles ahead with our planning than we would have been with our old system" Mrs Sarah Tucker, Clinical Lead for Plastics Trauma service, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The systems will be provided for COVID-19 rotas for new instances on a no-charge basis for the duration of the emergency, for up to 18 months. We will provide support over email, screen-sharing and telephone to set up rotas and provide assistance in the use of the systems.

We are also working with our client organisations to make COVID-19 rotas on their existing systems. This includes the ability to cancel all specified activity within a date range, clearing the rota so people can be assigned to COVID-19 related requirements. Please visit this page or contact us at if you require assistance with your current rota.

Rotamap is an employee-owned company committed to helping clincical groups, primarily in public hospitals, collaborate and communicate more effectively.

If you'd like to proceed, please follow the steps below and we aim to get you up-and-running in a few hours.

How to proceed

  1. Contact us on +44 (0)20 7631 1555 or
  2. Download the one-page agreement and return a signed copy by email to
  3. Have a 15 minute planning call with a member of our team.
  4. We will then provide you with a template Excel file where you can enter your staff list. You should return this, password protected, in an email to
  5. We'll provide your site URL and system passwords.

We're happy to provide further help. Simply email for assistance.